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This Rare Oregon Vacation Film in 1957 is Just Awesome

If you love vintage films, and you love beautiful Oregon, look no further. Titled Vacation Adventures in Oregon State Parks, this rare 1957 film is...

This Epic Video of the Oregon Coast is Absolutely Stunning

The Oregon Coast is truly one of the most magical places you can visit in the world. With warm weather right around the corner,...

This Hot Springs Getaway in Eastern Oregon is Paradise on Earth

It's known as Crystal Crane Hot Springs, and this is where we spent our first night on our 900 mile road trip to southeast...

Woman who owns ‘The Goonies’ home had enough of tourists, covers...

Owner closes iconic 'Goonies' house to visitors http://t.co/INbCTjCy6D pic.twitter.com/Qq9RSROeB3 — KGW News (@KGWNews) August 19, 2015 I guess this woman could only take so many people...
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