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17 Jaw Dropping Photos Of Oregon’s Exquisite Back Country

It can be hard to get away from the crowds at popular Oregon destinations like Thor's Well, hiking trails in the Columbia River Gorge,...

19 Photos That Show Why Oregon’s Extreme Weather Is The Best

From rainy days to lightning flashing in the sky during a summer thunderstorm and enormous waves on the coast, Oregon photographers love capturing special...

14 Breathtaking Photos That Show Off Oregon’s True Beauty

We love showing off photos of our beautiful state.  Not only does Oregon have an abundance of fun places to go, things to do,...

10 Unique Photos That Show Oregon Frozen Over

Ice can do interesting things to the landscape and change the way we perceive our surroundings.  Suddenly our daily commute can become dangerous, or...

Important Announcement

In light of COVID-19, the majority of attractions featured on That Oregon Life are temporarily closed. While we feel it's hugely important to our local economy to still support local business and travel, please keep these places in mind for when this passes.