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Bigfoot is spotted again, this time on a webcam in Washington

Ah yes. The legend of Bigfoot, the hairy man beast that stands "seven to nine feet tall and weighs between 600 and 900 pounds,"...

Mysterious Photo of Kennedy in Oregon Raises Fascinating Questions

Mistaken identity? Long lost family? I love a good mystery, and all things Kennedy-related still seem to fascinate even 60-years later. The original attention-grabber from...

Mystery fireball falls from sky in Polk County, Oregon

Is this the beginning of the apocalypse starting in Oregon? What residents can only describe as "a large fireball" came falling out of the...

The Lava Lake Murders Mystery In Oregon Still Baffles People Today

There’s an eerie edge to unsolved mysteries. It gives the past a power, a question, a bit of horror that reaches out from beyond...

The Mysterious Deaths of Crater Lake National Park

Oregon's only national park is a surprisingly dangerous place, and a number of people have died there. Several of these left only bones behind...

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