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Netflix Releasing Story of The Rajneeshees, Oregon’s Dangerous Cult

“Wild Wild Country” is a new six part series that will be released on Netflix on March 16th. This documentary follows the strange, yet...

New Oregon-filmed Netflix comedy “Everything Sucks!” premiers next month

Netflix is on a roll lately. Is it not insane how many shows they are releasing? I can't even keep up, let alone find...

New Netflix series ‘Everything Sucks’ to be filmed in Oregon

Aside from Portlandia, I feel like there are so many shows (and movies) that take place in Oregon, but are never actually filmed in...

Important Announcement

In light of COVID-19, the majority of attractions featured on That Oregon Life are temporarily closed. While we feel it's hugely important to our local economy to still support local business and travel, please keep these places in mind for when this passes.