Springfield, Oregon: Places to Go, Things to Do & More

Living in Springfield, Oregon

Springfield is basically the place for people who want to live in the Eugene area without actually living directly next to the college. As it’s directly across the river from Eugene, you’re still in the right place for University of Oregon goodness, but things are just a little quieter.

Things to Do in Springfield

Springfield puts your right next to everything happening at the University of Oregon, but it also gives your opportunities to get away from it all and enjoy Oregon outdoors. McKenzie River whitewater rafting tours are available right outside the Springfield area, and run daily from April to September!

Springfield Oregon Whitewater RaftingPlaces to Go in Springfield

Fun fact – Matt Groening, creator of the legendary show The Simpsons, revealed in 2014 that Springfield, OR was the inspiration for the Springfield of Simpsons fame. Real-life Springfield now features a 15-foot-by-30-foot mural and maps of local sites like the bar that inspired Moe’s Tavern. Take that, Springfields-in-Massachusetts-and-Illinois!

Simpsons Springfield Mural Dedication from Jake Wehrman on Vimeo
Image Courtesy of Jake Wehrman

Jobs in Springfield

Basically the same as Eugene’s job market, since they’re basically the same city, but with more opportunities for medical professionals!

Moving to Springfield

If you’re planning a move to Springfield, Oregon, That Oregon Life is here and happy to help guide you along the way! We believe that Oregon is not just a state, it’s a State of Mind, and that means we welcome you to learn more about how to become an Oregonian.