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Reality Check – Speak Your Heart Before It’s Too Late

This is the truth about depression: we eventually succumb, or not, by our own volition. Who the hell am I to make such a statement?...

Drake Drops New Track Called “Portland”

On Saturday, March 18th, Aubrey Graham - more commonly known by his stage name Drake, but more accurately summed up by his real name...

Interview With Up-And-Coming Portland Rapper, Mic Mar

This article is about an up and coming artist representing the Pacific Northwest. This is an interview that took place to get a feel...

Corey Feldman’s bizarre performance on Today Show left me confused

As an eighties kid, I loved Corey Feldman. How could you not? The Goonies, The Lost Boys, and License to Drive were some of...

Portland boys go viral rapping about Top Ramen and Sriracha

This is every broke college kid's anthem right here.   I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about when it comes to reviewing music. Hell,...
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