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Meet THE HULK! This massive pitbull weighs 173lbs in 17 months

  How would you like to have The Hulk as your watchdog? This pitbull is huge, and maybe the largest pitbull on Earth. The...

After Watching This, You’ll Want To Put Down Your Phone (Video)

  You see it everywhere you go... We're all so stuck to those bright shiny screens on our phones, while our lives are passing us...

Watch This Drummer Baby Rock Out To Pantera (Too Cute)

Little Wyatt already has good taste in music, thanks to parents. They built their 8 month old a drum set made of cans and pencils, and...

5-year-old adorably dances to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

Her name is Rilee Thurber, and she's the most adorable little girl going viral right now on the Internet. The five-year-old loves Taylor swift, and...

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