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Study Shows Cannabis Users Are Happier and More Successful

We all know the usual negative stoner stereotype: the tie-dye-wearing, eyes half-closed, unreliable flake who can't keep a job. While we even might know...

Ups and Downs in Oregon’s Record-Setting Job Market

With homelessness an issue statewide, the cost of living going up with development, and rents skyrocketing, you just might think that the job market...

Oregon Alcohol Industry Jobs Outgrow Software Job Sector

Recently I wrote about the growth of Silicon Forest, Oregon’s steadily growing software sector that is continuing to shape the state's economic landscape. And...

Here’s 15 Companies Which Pay More Than $100,000 Salary in Oregon

 The average Oregon job pays about $45,000 a year, but there are a few jobs in Oregon you can get which definitely pay more. Here is...