Pacific City Man Accused of Putting Hidden Camera in Bathroom of His Business

Photo via Tillamook County Sherrifs Office

A Pacific City man who owns and operates West Coast Camel Rides in Pacific City is accused of putting a hidden camera in his bathroom to spy on customers.

The discovery was made when a minor female went to use his bathroom and found a camera hidden underneath his sink. Rather than confronting the man, she dismantled the camera herself, and called authorities.

Tillamook County Sheriff Detective Chase Ross arrested the suspect, John David Bonander, 48, on two counts of first degree invasion of privacy and two charges of tampering with evidence.

When detectives arrived at the residence of Bonander, they said it appeared he was attempting to flee.

“We found two phones in the process of being erased, as well as a ‘go-bag’ filled with passports and birth certificates, Bonander also had a large amount of cash on him.” said Detective Ross

Upon further investigation detectives found several other cameras and evidence that the cameras were in fact being used to record people using the bathroom, concluding that there could be more victims.

Tillamook County Investigator Chase Ross is urging anyone who was, or knows of someone who was in John Bonander’s residence in Pacific City, and believes they may be a victim to contact him at (503) 815-3326.