Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Threatens Jail Time For Social Gatherings

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown / YouTube Screencapture

As many major media sources report on coronavirus infections soaring across Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown has announced a ‘2 week freeze’ and threatens jail time or fines for those who violate the order. The new order will likely have a devastating effect on Oregon businesses, still struggling from over six months of restrictions on their businesses.

“For the last eight months, I have been asking Oregonians to follow the letter and the spirit of the law and we have not chosen to engage law enforcement. At this point in time, unfortunately, we have no other option,” the governor reportedly said over the weekend.

The new order prohibits indoor and outdoor gatherings of more than six people from two separate households and anyone who violates this order can be charged with a misdemeanor crime. Violaters of the order could face up to one month in jail, a $1,250 fine, or both. Oregonians faced similar penalties for violating Brown’s stay-at-home order back in March.

This of course raises concerns with families who want to visit with loved ones during the Thanksgiving holiday. The governor said she would limit her own Thanksgiving to just four people. She stated her husband, his daughter, and her fiancé will join her for celebrating Thanksgiving. Brown mentioned if necessary, her family will eat outside and will wear their masks at all times unless they are of course eating or drinking.

Clackamas County Chairwoman Tootie Smith wrote on her Facebook recently she planned to deliberately violate the governor’s restrictions, stating she “will celebrate Thanksgiving with as many family and friends as I can find. Gov. Brown is WRONG to order otherwise.”

The temporary freeze issued by Brown goes into effect Wednesday, Nov 18, and runs until December 2. Like before, restaurants and bars are expected to reduce their businesses to take out and delivery options. Gyms, skating rinks, and museums are also ordered to close.

As reported yesterday by Statesman Journal, Courthouse Club Fitness in Salem is already defying the governor’s freeze. Courthouse Club has announced via their Facebook page Monday that “it would remain open Wednesday and in the days to follow.” Courthouse, according to the gym is not the only one considering staying open at this time.

“I’m asking all of our businesses that fall under this order to start their preparations immediately and be in full compliance by next Wednesday. In terms of individuals, I am not asking you I am telling you to stop your social gatherings, your informal social gatherings and your house parties, and to limit your social interactions to six and under not more than one household.”

Brown joined Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Newsom of California in imposing a 14-day self-quarantine for anyone traveling to any of the three states. We have included the video below where Kate Brown announces the freeze. Hit the link here to read the full transcript.