Big Kitty Spotted Monday Morning, Near Mount Hood Community College

mirsasha / flickr

Mount Hood Community College had a recent visitor, and they weren’t there to attend class. Monday morning, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a Metro employee was working in the area when he had spotted a cougar on campus property.

Officials told FOX 12 the big cat was not considered a threat, as it left shortly after being spotted. Most experts agree cougars are usually no threat to humans, and generally avoid all contact with people.

While this may true, a woman was killed by an adult female cougar on the southwestern flank of Mount Hood last year, making it the first death ever reported in Oregon by a cougar. The victim, 55-year-old Diana Bober was discovered just off the Hunchback Trail in Welches. According to KGW, Bober was reported missing on August 29. The cougar was reportedly killed by authorities also on Sept. 14 of 2018.

Running is absolutely one of the worst things you can do when encountering a wild cougar. Also noted is raising your arms to appear larger than you actually are, and clapping your hands as well when approached.

ODFW has asked anyone who may see the cougar in the area to contact them. If the cougar is spotted during the daytime, they should call 911.

Sources: OregonLive | FOX 12