Threat From Falling Rocks Closes Multnomah Falls Trail

As the weather gets nicer many hikers are finding themselves disappointed to find out just how many Oregon trails are closed because of hazardous conditions due to recent fires.  One popular trail, the Wahkeena-Multnomah trail loop at Multnomah Falls is now closed because of mudslides and falling rocks and trees.  The area is still recovering from the recent Eagle Creek fire in 2017, and as spring rain falls, the trails have become more and more hazardous.

Benson Bridge on the Multnomah Falls trail. Photo by Travis via Flickr CC3.

Hazardous Conditions Have Led to Many Trail Closures

Landslides and rockslides are now frequent occurrences on several closed trails, making them too hazardous for hikers to traverse.  As of April 5th 2019, the entire Wahkeena-Multnomah trail loop has been closed beyond the Benson Bridge.  For now the very short hike to Benson Bridge remains open, though that could change in the future.  When the rain abates, experts will reassess the situation on the trail.  For now, rocks are actively falling between Benson Bridge and the first switchback at Multnomah Falls.  Hikers should stay off the trail as the risk is too great.  Because the trail has been officially closed, if a hiker is caught on the trail they could be liable for fines or even arrest.

Fire damage on the nearby Eagle Creek trail from the 2017 Eagle Creek fire. The Eagle Creek trail remains closed from fire damage. Photo by MultCo Communications via Flickr CC3.

Check For Trail Closures Before You Go Hiking

There are many closed trails in the area around Multnomah Falls.  Here is a current map of the trail closures.  To keep up with trail closures in the area, see this page which is updated frequently.  You can also see this page for closed trails in the area, updated as of April 12th 2019.  Many trails are closed for unstable conditions.

Current map of trail closures around Multnomah Falls as of 4-12-19. Photo via US Forest Service website.

Before you decide to hike any trail, always be sure to check current trail conditions and closure lists.  Your safety is important.  Hikers will want to use caution on the trails in the area around Multnomah Falls that have already re-opened.  Signs put up at the start of these trails now warn hikers to enter at their own risk.