Cougar spotted twice in Springfield, first in yard then near school

Wild cougar - Photo by Brian Wolfer of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.jpg

Just on the heels of the first ever recorded cougar attack in Oregon that resulted in a woman’s death, two Cougar sightings have been reported in Springfield, Oregon. The first sighting was Tuesday night, at 9 p.m. on the 4300 block of Daisy Street in Springfield, and just this morning around 5 a.m. the large cat was spotted once again.

KVAL in Eugene reports the cougar was spotted last night by a man who had let his dog outside, which got his attention when the dog began to park at the cougar in the bed of the home owner’s truck, in their backyard.

The second sighting, according to Springfield Police, was in a large field that separates Mt. Vernon Elementary School and the Relief Nursery Robin Jaqua Child and Family Center. Police are encouraging locals to use caution and take precautions with wild animals, and to call 911 if the large cat is spotted again.

Authorities have checked the area, but the cougar is nowhere to be found as reported by the latest news.