Massive Landslide Still Blocking Access to Cougar Hot Springs

Screenshot via Youtube / The Register-Guard
Blue River — Said to fill up around 800 dump trucks, this massive rock pile is still blocking access to Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs. It looks like unfortunately, it will be awhile still for anyone who wants to soak, as the Register-Guard reported in February the hot springs will be closed for at least another 6 months.
In late 2016, a cycle of freezing and thawing widened fractures in the rock, and the massive slide tumbled onto the road just before Christmas on Dec. 21 of last year.
Hit the video below to see some incredible footage of the slide, shot here, courtesy of The-Register Guard.


According to the news, some individuals were even trying to scramble over the rock pile. Do keep in mind it is illegal to be on the closed road and as you can imagine very dangerous. The Forest Service has issued fines to those disregarding the close, with some up to $450.

For a map of the closure area see…/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd568796.pdf

For more information on the slide, read the article from last month.