Tsuanmi watch for Oregon and Washington canceled after large Earthquake in Alaska

Tsunami warnings urged people in Alaska and Canada to seek higher ground

An earthquake struck this morning 157 southeast of Chiniak, Alaska at a depth of 6.2 miles at 12:30am, according to the US Geological Survey.

The whole West Coast was warned for a tsunami following a massive 8.2-magnitude earthquake. What’s been reported so far:

  • An earthquake of 8.2 magnitude struck off the coast of Alaska at 12:30am
  • The quake triggered tsunami warnings along the whole US West Coast
  • Residents living near the epicentre were woken by warning sirens in the dead of night
  • Locals in towns like Kodiak were urged to flee their homes and head for higher ground
  • A buoy out at sea near the epicentre detected a 32ft wave soon after the tremor

Residents who were close to the epicenter were woken in the dead of the night by warning sirens, with Tsunami alarms ringing out across Kodiak. Kodiak is around 157 miles northwest of where the tremor struck, prompting a massive evacuation.

The tsunami watch has been canceled for British Columbia in Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

According to news reports, the National Tsuanmi Center canceled the alert after waves failed to show up in coastal Alaska communities.




Kodiak is being evacuated as tsunami warnings are issued for the US and Canadian West Coast


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