Gov. Brown Said Feds Rejected Pleas to Fight Fires in Oregon

The Eagle Creek Fire swelled overnight Tuesday, burning more than 4,800 acres and threatening numerous structures along the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.

According to the latest at OPB, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has said federal authorities rejected pleas to help fight fires in Oregon, just as wildfire season was heating up.

Over Labor Day weekend, we watched in horror as the Eagle Creek Fire raged across the Columbia River Gorge. If this was not shocking enough, word spread quickly about an irresponsible teenager with fireworks who started the fire.

Governor Brown said officials threw every resource they could at battling the fire, but Brown says she wanted more.

“I talked with the federal authorities two weeks ago, asking for additional federal assistance,” Governor Brown said. “I was told point-blank ‘no’.”

Even with help from the U.F. Forest Service, and Oregon expecting the arrival of 200 active duty military from Joint Base Lewis-McCord in Washington, it just doesn’t seem like enough. Brown suggests the feds should do more, considering how much of our beloved forest has already burned in Oregon.

“Right now, over 500,000 acres are burning in Oregon,” Brown said. “Of the acreage burning nationally, it’s roughly 1.8 million acres.”

Currently, the largest fire in the country is the Chetco Bar Fire, located in southwest Oregon. The fire originally was threatening brookings, but as we write this story it’s now moving toward Grants Pass.


  1. Thank you for this article, I appreciate this information. But one correction. The Chetco Bar fire is not moving toward Grants Pass. It has entered Josephine County, but is in the some of the same region as the 2002 Biscuit Complex Fire, which was a concern of threatening Selma and Cave Junction, communities 25-30 minutes south of Grants Pass on Hwy 199/Redwood Hwy. Presently there are Level 3 evacuation orders for Oak Flat/Illinois River Rd, which is a small area west of Selma, and Level 1 evacuation for residents west of Hwy 199 from Hayes Hill to the California border. Again, not near Grants Pass. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for putting the spotlight on this. One small point, the governor did not get rebuffed when she asked for “Federal Help”, but rather when she asked for “More Federal Help”. That is a huge difference, and your coverage should be more clear on that point.

  3. People might want to look at a US map. While Oregon is my home and I wish there were more help coming, the simple fact is that the entire country is swamping the system with requests. I just retired after being a Type 1 Operations Section Chief, with a Federal Agency. Last time I talked with one of my friends in the know they said that they had dozens of resource requests from ALL OVER THE NATION, that could not be filled because the resources are not available. We have thousands of Fire, Medical, Military, and other responders tied up on Hurricanes, Fires, and countless other mini-disasters around the nation… People seize any opportunity to make these into “Us vs Them” fights when they have no effing clue what they are talking about. And, before you get all high and mighty may I ask the question,,,, Do you volunteer for your local Emergency Services? No,,, then how dare you cast stones?