Governor Signs New Distracted Driver Law For Oregon

A photo illustration depicting a distracted driver. (Pioneer Press photo illustration: Ben Garvin)

Last updated on September 28th, 2017 at 01:26 pm

Distracted drivers. You see them everywhere you go, and as mobile devices have become more common in the last decade, unfortunately so has accidents on the road as a result of individuals who are glued to their phones.

A new distracted driving bill recently signed by Governor Brown will put the new law in effect come October of 2017. The new law states any handheld electronic devices, that are not permanently installed in your car, will get you a distracted driving violation.

And the numbers don’t lie. According to the Oregon State Police, a crazy one in four crashes now involve drivers being distracted by phone calls, texting, using maps or changing music stations.

First time offenders will be issued a class B traffic violation, but will have a chance to get if off their record upon attending a distracted driving course. If you get popped for it the 2nd time within 10 years, the violation gets bumped up to a class A. Third time results in a $2,000 fine and a class B misdemeanor.


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