Study Shows Cannabis Users Are Happier and More Successful

Cannabis User Happiness Study
You're thinking of these guys, right?

We all know the usual negative stoner stereotype: the tie-dye-wearing, eyes half-closed, unreliable flake who can’t keep a job. While we even might know a person or two like that, this caricature is not one that accurately depicts the typical cannabis consumer. Research group BDS Analytics recently released a study showing that regular cannabis users are generally happier, more successful, and more educated than their non-puffing peers.

How They Did It

BDS surveyed adults in two states with anti-prohibition laws, Colorado and California. People interviewed were divided into three categories: cannabis consumers, people who have used cannabis in the last six months’ cannabis acceptors, people who haven’t used cannabis but would consider it in the future; and cannabis rejecters, people who do not use it and would not consider it in the future. Each group was asked a series of questions about employment, income, education, family life, happiness, physical and social activity time, and volunteering. The ongoing study is the most detailed report ever administered on cannabis users themselves.

What They Found

To many cannabis consumers, the findings are no big news, but to TOL’s THC-free readers, this may be a bit of a surprise: cannabis users generally enjoy a higher income, have more education, and are more likely to be employed full-time than acceptors or rejecters. Colorado consumers were found to be more happy with their place in life than acceptors or rejectors, and are more likely to be social people with creative outlets. California consumers are generally more nurturing (self-reportedly) and are more likely to volunteer their time by 13 percentage points over rejecters. Only 55% of cannabis rejecters reported that they are parents, while 64% of consumers have children.

More stats are in this handy infographic:

Cannabis User Study Infographic

Why It Matters

Ok, you might be thinking, so cannabis users have it a little easier sometimes. Big deal. I’m not going to start smoking just because of some study!

No worries. Correlation does not equal causation. If anything, take this study as a lesson in knowing that any stereotype is dangerous because it makes you negate individuality. If you’re not a cannabis user and roll your eyes whenever you find out someone had an edible an hour ago or a co-worker offers you a hit off their pen after this year’s company party, hold your judgment. Chances are, that person is a lot like you, only happier.

Cannabis User Success Study
Guy on left: “What are your findings, doctor?”
Guy on right: “All evidence indicates that we should smoke a phat joint after our shift tonight.”

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