This Oregon ghost town can be all yours for a cool $1.5 million

millican oregon
Millican Store / Image by Tyler James @ That Oregon Life

Last updated on December 13th, 2017 at 09:00 am

When you’re driving by Millican, you better not blink cause you might miss it. This easily-forgotten Oregon ghost town is up for sale right now, and all 75 acres could be yours for $1,499,000.

The little town, tucked between Brothers and 25 miles east of Bend in Central Oregon is known as Millican. Millican was named after cattle rancher and miner George Millican, who settled here in the late 1880s. The town was put on the map with the post office established in 1913. With your purchase, the town will be complete with 75 acres, including a general store, gas pump, corral, and a one-bedroom home.

While the property has been cleaned up, it could definitely use a little TLC. All but one of the windows in the old store and gas station are smashed out, and the old building is said to be littered with rat droppings.

At one point, Millican even had 12 regular postal patrons – said to have one of the smallest post offices in the world. A 1940 story in The Oregonian about the lone postmaster who owned the town and ran the store read: “Billy Rahn — The One Man Town.”

The story goes after Rahn retired, the town was sold in 1946 to Bill Mellin, who was tragically shot by his only employee, a parolee from Oregon State Penitentiary.  At this point, Millican’s population dropped to zero. Since that time, the town went through many owners with different plans that never got off the ground.

The history here gets really weird, with Wikipedia entries submitted by dueling writers, who dispute Millican’s history. You can read more on the interesting history here at The Oregonian.

Nearby you will find The Oregon Badlands WildernessPine Mountain Observatory and a shooting range as well as views of the Cascade mountains. Just past Millican, from the highway a road will take you to Pine Mountain Observatory.

Today it’s commercially zoned, and there is literally no one living here.

Sure, as Land and Wildlife Realty’s Timothy O’Neil will admit this town isn’t the prettiest as Millican is a dusty stop in the high desert on Hwy. 20, but it could possibly attract some highway business as well. One story at the Bend Bulletin talks of turning the town into a weed farm, and selling the herb at the store.

Leonard Peverieri bought Millican back in 2010, and at the time it had been five years since the store was open for business. He wanted to preserve a piece of Central Oregon history, and not see it disappear.

At one point, Millican was even approved for a 100-space RV park. Today Peverieri is open to partnering with an investor who would be willing to make this a reality.

“Believe me, Millican will be a bedroom community of Bend within the next 20 years,” he told Bend Bulletin. “It’s just going to take somebody with more money and time than me.”