11 Ways to Miss the Eclipse in Central Oregon


Last updated on December 13th, 2017 at 09:01 am

11. You forgot to buy eclipse glasses, and had to keep your eyes closed the whole time.

Oregon Eclipse Glasses Hazard

Don’t ever look directly at the sun, especially during an eclipse! The only time it’s safe to look at the sun is if you’re within the band of totality, and the sun’s surface has been completely obscured by the moon. Regular sunglasses, camera lenses, binoculars, and anything besides a welding hood or eclipse glasses won’t offer the protection you need. You could go blind or do serious damage to your eyes. Check here for NASA’s list of approved eclipse glasses.

10. You overindulged and got a DUII.

Oregon Eclipse DUII Hazard

Or even worse, you could injure or even kill someone while driving drunk. In Oregon, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a justifiable reason for getting arrested, no matter what you “blow.” Remember, buzzed driving, stoned driving, or tipsy driving is UNDER THE INFLUENCE! Even though marijuana is legal to possess and use here, you should never smoke and drive.

9. You forgot to take COEIN’s Eclipse Survey and public safety has no idea how to staff resources, leading to complete pandemonium.

Oregon Eclipse Emergency Resource Survey

Public safety agencies have been planning for the eclipse for months, even years! We created an anonymous survey to help us best predict when visitors are going to arrive, depart, and where they are going to stay. It’s 5 questions long, and takes about 30 seconds to complete. Please help us by completing the survey here!

8. You climbed onto your roof for a better view and fell off, knocking yourself unconscious.

Eclipse Safety Hazards

Area emergency rooms will be over capacity, and because of heavy traffic, it may take a lot longer for ambulance and emergency medical services personnel to reach you. Practice personal safety so you don’t get hurt or become a drain on local resources. Carry a first aid kit, and don’t take unnecessary risks.

7. You got Madras, Oregon confused with Madras, India.

Madras Oregon Eclipse Viewing

Madras, Oregon was identified early by NASA as an excellent place to watch the eclipse because it’s right on the line of totality, and it has a great chance of clear skies on August 21! On the other hand, Madras, India is in Asia, and won’t be having an eclipse until 2019.

6. You stopped to watch on the side of the highway and your hot exhaust pipe started a brush fire.

Oregon Eclipse Viewing Wildfire Risk

Central Oregon is wildfire country! We have several large fires in this area every summer. Campfires will be banned throughout the state during the days leading up to and following August 21. Additionally, many preventable and human-caused fires do untold damage to our public lands every year. Practice fire safety during your visit.

5. A cloud of Pandora moths blocked the view.

Pandora Moth Hazard
photo credit: Joe Kline

Central Oregon is experiencing a seasonal resurgence of these insects this summer. The moth population generally surges every 7-8 years. These palm-sized insects are harmless, and generally only live a few days after laying their eggs.

4. You planned to drive over for the day and got stuck in traffic 2 hours away.

Oregon Eclipse Traffic Jam

In Central Oregon, we only have a few 2-lane highways: one lane for each direction of travel. If you don’t plan ahead, you may end up getting stuck in hours’ worth of traffic. Traffic for the eclipse is estimated to be the worst EVER in Oregon. Plan ahead: arrive early, stay put, and leave late.

3. You weren’t paying attention and stepped on a rattlesnake.

Oregon Eclipse Wildlife Hazards

Rattlesnakes are native to Oregon, and can be found in forests, deserts, and prairies throughout the state. Never approach a snake, and use caution and awareness when hiking or climbing.

2. You trespassed on someone else’s property for a better view and got arrested.

Oregon Eclipse Trespassing Arrest

Be respectful of private property and obey all posted signage during your visit to Central Oregon.

  1. You tried to get into the “wilderness” for a better view and had to call Search and Rescue.

Oregon Eclipse Emergency Rescue

Always know your limitations, and tell someone where you’ll be if you’re heading into rural areas. Bring the Ten Essentials for Survival with you and take a buddy!