The Gambler 500 Rally Race in Oregon

gambler 500
image credit: Gambler 500

Last updated on December 28th, 2021 at 10:54 pm

This summer marks the fourth year of the Gambler 500, a 500-mile primarily off-road race (though they call it a “navigation challenge”) around Oregon in crappy cars bought for $500. While $500 for a running vehicle is limiting, the rule has become more of a guideline and racers don’t mind if their cars even last the race—only about half make it to the finish line. Gamblers, as the racers call themselves, are an anything-goes group of thrillseekers, noting this year’s rally with the tagline “chillax fun > rules.” This means all vehicles should be either very cheap, outrageous, or impractical. Vehicles in past races have included a hearse, a vintage firetruck, and all manners of old sedans with monstrous tires and missing doors.

Leaving from and finishing in Portland, this year’s challenge is sure to be a wild ride spanning two days, July 15 and 16. The night between will feature a campfire party and mud races for extra bragging rights. Want to participate? Visit their Facebook event page for more info. The event is free to adults ages 21 and up.

This epic video by Chubbies shows all the rowdy fun to expect:

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