Why You Should Call a Caterer Instead of Cooking

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Let’s be honest with ourselves here – you’re not a great cook. Don’t take me wrong, I’m sure you can make a boss-level mac’n’cheese. Maybe you can even make something that includes a fancy-shmancy word like “vinaigrette.” Or maybe you’re like me and your idea of an exotic meal is pouring wine into whatever is on the stovetop at the time.

Hey, it works for people on cooking shows.

Nevertheless, good as we think we are, we’re not great, and you need great for that next business event. That’s where catering services come in. Below are some important reasons why you should have your next event catered.

Looks All Fancy-Like

As I always say, presentation is what matters most. Why be good at what you’re doing when you can look good at what you’re doing? Enter: catering. Caterers will take care of making the event look all professional and beautified so that you don’t have to, but you can still take all the compliments.

Good Food = Happy People

While our wine-infused mac’n’cheese might make people happy in one way, we could get in some serious trouble if party guests, potential business partners, or important clients bring their under-21s to our event. Caterers will provide delicious, non-alcoholic food that will keep all ages happy and, more importantly, keep us lawsuit-free.

Time Is Money. Save Both!

Let’s have a chat about how long it takes to make mac’n’cheese. Fifteen minutes, minimum. Thirty minutes if you mess it up the first time, and then you’ve wasted time on botched mac. And since time is money, you’ve wasted money on top of what you spent on the mac. The minimum wage in Oregon is $9.25 per hour. Take a quarter-hour and that’s approximately $2.32, so how much money did you spend on that box of mac? $1.00? – that’s $3.32 lost forever. So sad.

Now let’s say you have 100 people at your event. Big event, big crowd, lots of pressure. You botch the mac for all of them. That’s $332 in time and money on botched mac. If you’d hired a catering company, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Don’t waste $332 on bad mac. Hire a catering company.

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