Rare Snowy Plover Chick Hatches in Nehalem Bay State Park

Oregon Snowy Plover Chick
Michael "Mike" L. Baird

The Western snowy plover is a species of bird native to Oregon, but threatened and under protections. Biologists in Nehalem Bay State Park spotted a chick during the rare bird’s nesting season this spring. Not since the 1960s has a Western snowy plover chick been seen in Nehalem Bay, so this is big news for conservationists and Oregonians alike. The chick is teeny tiny—and shaped a bit like a ball of fluff. This chick’s hatching is an exciting sign of the species’ chances of flourishing on Oregon’s North Coast.

While the nesting area is blocked off from the public to protect the snowy plover, you can still help out these little animal friends as well as other animals living along Oregon’s precious coastline by joining That Oregon Life and our generous sponsors at the Oregon Ocean Day Beach Cleanup Celebration. We’ll be there with the Ocean Blue Project to collect microplastic fragments. Keeping these fragments off our beaches helps keep them out of the stomachs of birds, fish, and other animals living along the shore.

Be there on June 11th!

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