New rules approved by feds to reduce overcrowding at Three Pools and more

Last updated on May 10th, 2017 at 01:46 pm

In an effort to reduce conflict, overcrowding and degradation in the Opal Creek Scenic Area, and the area surrounding Detroit Lake, the U.S. Forest Service has approved new rules which include banning campfires and alcohol in certain areas. As many popular areas have become so-called “booze-infested party zones” during the summer, and overwhelmingly positive response to the agency’s proposals is being put into place.

The new rules will also restrict on where visitors are able to camp. As of May 26, the new rules will go into effect and fines will be issued for those who do not comply. The fines, according to Statesman Journal, will range from $50 up to $250 per citation. Local rangers and the Marion County Sheriff’s office will be enforcing the new rules.

Among all of these new rules, it will now be illegal to drink alcohol at Three Pools, and no campfires will be allowed on Opal Creek Trail. Campfires are to be prohibited on many small backcountry campsites on the trail and road that follows the Little North Santiam River.

Parking will also be limited near the Opal Creek Gate Trailhead, with vehicles only allowed to park a quarter mile down the road from the trailhead, as opposed to cars being parked a mile down the road before. With the new rules, officials hope to reduce the number of people allowed in when the area gets the most traffic on weekends during the summer.

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  1. Booooo !!! As someone who lives near the beach and picks up garbage several times a week on the beaches, I can say without doubt that it’s giganta- families who litter the most. Dirty diapers, toy packaging, fast food trash etc.

    But they choose to pick on a middle aged adult enjoying a beer who ALWAYS cleans up after herself. It’s discriminatory AND offensive. Ban babies & kids and you’ll cut the litter in half. But I guess that’s not PC, right ? smh

    • Same thing in Santa Cruz, many beach cleanups are finding needles now great and the diapers buried in the sand! Yes families treat this like their playground and then you spend all week picking up after them and are accused of noise and parties when your alone watching the waves with a beer not a 12 pack, But it is Beer week so bring on the tourists and kiss their ass we need more money for suv cop cars! SMH 2