Temperatures To Reach 80 Degrees This Week in Valley

Aerial View of Portland Oregon sunset (Image courtesy of Clifford Paguio Photography)

If you’re in the Portland, Eugene, or the Salem area this week, and just can’t wait to finally get some sunshine, you’re in luck. The forecast is not only calling for sunshine, but temperatures are expected to get into the low 80s on Wednesday and Thursday as well.

The forecast calls for slight chances of rain for the first two days of May on Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures could hit 60 degrees on Monday and near 67 on Tuesday. Skies are expected to be mostly cloudy.

According to the weather service, the temperature could drop to around 62 degrees by Friday with a chance of some sun still, and of course possibly more rain.

For those who are in Southern Oregon, Medford temperatures could reach as high as 89 degrees on Wednesday, staying steady around 86 degrees Thursday with rain that will carry over into Friday as well.