The Breathtaking Tamolitch Falls is Now Visible at Blue Pool

Blue Pool Oregon
Image courtesy of Alli Carter / Facebook

Update: According to followers of That Oregon Life, as of today, April 16, the falls are currently not visible.


Blue Pool has always been one of my favorite places to hike, but I have yet to see Tamolitch Falls hurdling into the gorgeous Blue Pool below.

As winter has been unusually wet this year, this has caused the water to flow over the top of the cliff. Normally in a dryer season, the river is hiding beneath the lava.

According to the USDA Forest Service, you’ll want to check out the McKenzie River flow at the Clear Lake outlet to make sure it’s visible. If the river flow has been greater than 900 cubic feet per second for at least 4 days, you have a good shot at seeing it.

Eugene Water & Electric Board plans to upgrade the Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric plant, and will close the Carmen Diversion tunnel. This will put the full riverflow in the McKenzie channel, and word has it the falls may return in May and even June until summer hits in July. Make sure and watch the video below to see for yourself how gorgeous Tamolitch Falls it!

Source: KVAL


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