Goat Yoga Releases Official Beer

Goat Yoga IPA
The most Oregon beer ever: Goat Yoga IPA

Just when you thought you’d never find an alcoholic beverage that spoke to your love of yoga as well as your love of goats, Goat Yoga Beer springs into existence like manna from the Bovidae gods.

Goat Yoga founder Lainey Morse is partnering with Yachats Brewing and Claim 52 Brewing to bring us Goat Yoga IPA, the official beer of doing yoga with goats. It’s Brett IPA, has a 6.5% alc/vol and sells for six dollars per pint.

Today, Wednesday March 1st, is the very first day that the beer hits the market and is available for you to buy. If you head over to Loyal Legend Beer Hall in downtown Portland, they are hosting an all-day release party to celebrate the event.

“What’s Goat Yoga?” you may be asking yourself. “It can’t possibly be exactly what it sounds like, right?” Wrong. Goat Yoga is totally a thing. That Oregon Life wrote an extensive breakdown on just how this quintessential Oregon activity evolved into its improbable existence and subsequent popularity.

According to The Oregonian, Lainey Morse was thrilled when the breweries approached her about a partnership. “They were just having some fun with it,” ¬†she added, “and I thought it was awesome because A. I love beer and B. I love Goat Yoga!”

Lainey did add that there are no actual goat parts used in the making of Goat Yoga Beer (She did not clarify whether or not Love is an ingredient).

If you love quality beer, love yoga, or even just love goats, then Goat Yoga IPA is definitely the beer for you. It’s also great for those people who want to try Goat Yoga but struggle with the idea of doing it sober.


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