Find Out What Your Cat Is Really Thinking

Cat Behavior Lecture

Are you curious about what’s going on inside your cat’s head? Do you ever look deep into the eyes of that little sociopath you share your home with and wonder, “Does my cat even love me, or is it just biding its time until I let my guard down?”

For the answers to these questions and more, check out Dr. Rolan Tripp tomorrow night at the Alberta Rose Theater in the ongoing series Science On Tap. He’ll be giving a lecture on the feline brain at 7:00 pm on March 14. From genetics to geriatrics, Dr Tripp’s lecture explores cats thought process and instinctual urges in an attempt to better understand nature’s most inaccessible creation. The lecture will answer questions that have plagued cat owners since the Egyptians worshiped the furry little savages, questions like:

  • Why do cats hiss?
  • Why is my cat bringing me dead stuff? Is it a warning?
  • Why does my cat insist on headbutting me? Should I headbutt back as a sign of dominance?
  • Does my cat feel empathy? Does it understand that I have feelings, and that it is consistently hurting them?
  • Why does my cat bait me into petting it and then lash out at me when I do? Is this thing kidding right now?

Dr. Tripp is an Animal Behavior Consultant and certified veterinarian with a doctorate from UC Davis. He’s also the founder of Animal Behavior Network, an organization that researches animal thought processes and better training techniques. He’s IAABC-certified and speaks all around the world about how we can better understand the animals we live with. He’s known for his humorous, upbeat and engaging lectures that don’t feel dry or stuffy.

If you’d like to hear Dr. Tripp speak about cat behavior and thought processes, check him out tomorrow night. Tickets can be purchased here.

For more information about training your cat, or for more online help with feline behavior, contact The Cat Whisperer.

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