Drake Drops New Track Called “Portland”

Drake New Song Portland
Drake watches his beloved Toronto Raptors play against the Portland Trail Blazers

On Saturday, March 18th, Aubrey Graham – more commonly known by his stage name Drake, but more accurately summed up by his real name Aubrey – surprised his fans by releasing a new playlist called “More Life” with 22 new songs lamenting all the women who want to sleep with him and all the problems his millions of dollars have created in his life.

What’s the difference between a playlist and a mixtape? What’s the difference between a mixtape and an album? I haven’t the faintest idea, but I guess we’re calling Drake’s new project a playlist.

What caught my attention was the 11th track on “More Life,” a song that Drake decided to name “Portland,” presumably after Portland, Oregon, because no one has ever been inspired to name anything after Portland, Maine (Except Portland, Oregon, now that I think about it…)

Due to copyright issues, the song is currently not on YouTube, so I can’t embed it here for you to listen to. Drake did release the playlist to Spotify, so any Spotify users can take a listen. Warning: There are NSFW lyrics, and they’re NSFW in a way that only Drake can be. If you’d like to check out they lyrics, here’s a link.

For all you who don’t want to read the lyrics or listen to the song but are curious as to why it’s called Portland, I listened to the song and I read the lyrics several times. And I still have no idea why he named it after our fine Oregon city.

The only reference to Portland in the entire song is a line in Travis Scott’s guest verse about how he wants to get with a Portland girl. The rest of the song seems to be about not helping people below you reach higher levels, which is a decidedly un-Oregon value. There are some pan flutes in the beginning of the song, which I guess is kind of Portlandish?

If you like Drake, you’ll probably like the song and be happy that it was inspired by Oregon’s biggest city. If you don’t like Drake, then you’ll probably go on continuing to not like Drake.


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  1. Well he also besides just saying Portland in the song once also raps a few more small shoutouts to Portland and a big one I think a lot of people miss is the Michelle pelphs and MJ hook which are both sponsored by Nike witch is a proud native of are fine state Oregon also talks about the undertaker refureing to old wwf wrestler the undertaker witch is anther Oregon native