Filthy pig campers leave trash at Detroit Lake, photos spark outrage

garbage Detroit lake

Leave no trace is the philosophy I’ve always lived by no matter where you go. Oregon is not only your home, but is home to almost 4 million others who share our beloved state. You wouldn’t disrespect your house this way would you? So why on Earth do others feel it’s ok to leave their garbage behind for others to clean?

garbage Detroit lake

Recently in Detroit, Oregon, the U.S. Forest Service posted photos to their Facebook, showing piles of garbage littering the ground near Detroit Lake. Seeing the photos is absolutely gut-wrenching, and unfortunately this is something that happens all too often in the most beautiful areas of Oregon.

“If you are out enjoying the forest, please dispose of your waste properly and be considerate of other visitors,” the post read.

The post quickly has gone viral, with people all over sharing the photos and chiming in with angry comments. Spokeswoman for Willamette National Forest spokeswoman said trash dumps have become a common and troublesome occurrence in the area. She also mentioned cases like the Detriot Lake incident often involve not only campers, but also unbelievably people who bring garbage from their own homes and dump it here.

The news reports officials are currently investigating the situation, while sorting through trash to help possibly find some information that could possibly track down whoever’s responsible for this disgusting mess. I hope whoever these individuals behind this mess are swiftly caught and are charged accordingly.


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