Mystery Man “Benny” Hiding $100 Bills All Around Salem, Totaling $50,000

How awesome would it be to stumble across a crisp Benjamin laying on the ground? Well some already are, right here in Salem, Oregon. $100 can go a long ways! This mystery man who is known only as “Benny” has renewed locals faith in humanity, while spending the last few years leaving surprise $100 bills all around Salem.



The Statesman Journal has tracked all reported “Benny Bills” which he signs his name to each one, with over $50,000 already found!

Here’s a few the Statesman Journal reported:

“Emily Fagin found in a blanket at Bi-Mart helped pay for the new crib and changing table she and her husband found on sale for their unborn child.”

“The one Jessica Guerrero found in a travel mug at Bi-Mart provided some security when she unexpectedly had to miss two weeks of work because of emergency gall bladder surgery.”

“Brittany Medina, a 23-year-old mother of three, found one after opening a can of baby formula. It was right before Christmas, and the little boost was enough to help her buy presents.”

Some resdents are posting pictures of their Benny Bills on Twitter.


The Statesman Journal reports that over half of the people who have found $100 bills have paid it forward. One example was of a sweet 7-year-old girl who found a Benny Bill while buying a cookie at a baked goods both at Salem Saturday Market.┬áhe used the money to take her great grandfather out to dinner at The Ram. She wanted to do something special for him because “he is sad because his wife died.”

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Hopefully this act of kindness will help inspire others not only in Salem, Oregon, but all around the world.

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