Oregon woman ditches her razor, grows a full beard

Last updated on February 21st, 2017 at 08:27 am

Other than the fact that Rose Geil has grown a full beard, she is no different than any other lady. According to 39-year-old Geil, who lives in Oregon, she has never felt so sexy and feminine. Shaving is a drag, I guess if I was in her shoes I’d do the same!

According to the story, she first noticed excess hair sprouting from her face when she was only 13 years old, and started shaving immediately. For more than 20 years, she regularly shaved everyday to keep her stubble from growing.

She now has decided to stop shaving, which she kept a secret from friends, boyfriends, and her mom for all those years. She has decided to accept her whiskers after years of shaving, plucking, and expensive laser removal procedures.

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She said, “Growing my beard has made me more confident. I feel pretty with my beard, and I never felt pretty before. It feels amazing being me.”

By the time she hit puberty, she was already sprouting hair in her sideburns. Soon after, she was growing hair on her chin, upper lip and her cheeks. She would wake up early in the morning to shave, hiding it best she could. Sadly, she refused to even attend sleepovers with friends, as she feared they would see her waking up with stubble on her face.

“I didn’t realize the emotional impact until I was older. I just thought it was regular teen angst when I was young.” said Rose.

Eventually her mom caught on one Saturday morning when she forgot to shave. Unfortunately for Rose she didn’t exactly get the support she was looking for from her family, and they decided to ignore it and not discuss it, almost as if it wasn’t happening.

Pictures via Facebook
Pictures via Facebook

Rose tells Daily Mail, “I don’t think my parents knew how to support me when they found out about my shaving.
‘My mom and I had a brief conversation about needing to stop shaving, but of course I knew by then that I couldn’t. I knew I would never be able to stop.
“My mom was supportive enough and took me to see a doctor and I was placed on birth control pills and other medication but it wasn’t really effective.”


While she has not officially been diagnosed, she does believe her facial hair is due to a combination of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and genetics. Throughout her teens she was felt very ashamed of her hair, so she wore long sleeves and high turtlenecks to hide the fuzz on her chest and arms the best she could.

Of course dating was difficult for her as well, as she had to overcome showing her body hair to her partners.



Since she has tossed the razors, she has not looked back and wouldn’t even dream of shaving her beard off. She claims she has never felt more feminine, and has traded in turtlenecks for skirts and low-cut tops to show off her hairy cleavage.


“I definitely feel womanly, sexy and sensuous. I feel more feminine and it has very little to do with my appearance; it comes from my attitude and giving myself the freedom to be who I am…I’ve finally accepted the real me.” tells Daily Mail.


  1. Well that definitely puts a different spin on views of transgender, etc. I think if she is comfortable (finally) with all that hair, then that’s the way it should be. Poor thing. I can just imagine how uncomfortable it was during puberty.