10 Magical Waterfalls in Oregon in 7 Minutes (A Day In The Gorge)

Andrew Studer / Youtube
Andrew Studer / Youtube

If you’re looking for some insanely gorgeous waterfalls in Oregon to hike this summer, look no further.

That Oregon Life follower Andrew Studer reached out to me with this incredible video shot in the Columbia Gorge, and I was in awe as I watched this stunning short footage of 10 gorgeous waterfalls in Oregon. They set out at 4:30am, and hit as many falls as they could in one day. A true reminder of how lucky I am to have spent pretty much my whole life in Oregon. Oregon is truly a magical place, I really can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather live. If you’ve ever heard anyone say there’s nothing to do in Oregon, smile and walk away.

Not only was this a well produced video, but these guys look like a couple dudes that’d be fun to go on a hike with. Technology is honestly mind blowing to me these days, it’s unreal how incredible the quality is from drones and cameras. While I haven’t personally got a drone myself, it may be that time soon as they have dropped considerably in price. You can grab the DJI Phantom 3 for just under $500 at Amazon(CLICK HERE to check it out yourself)

From Punchbowl Falls, to Horsetail to Multnomah Falls, this video will be the coolest video you’ve seen all day:

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Andrew Studer / Youtube
Andrew Studer / Youtube
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