36 Photos That Prove Summer Is Better in Oregon

With spring here, it’s a nice reminder that long, lazy summer days are just around the corner. When you’ve had a stressful week, nothing beats spending time with loved ones at the lake, barbecues, camping, fishing, or even just laying in your yard to catch some rays in Oregon.

Growing up in Oregon has proved to me that there really isn’t any other place I’d rather be when the weather gets warmer. Whether it be at a lake house, tubing down the river, or just enjoying a night on the town for a festival or an outdoor concert, summer is absolutely my favorite time of the year in Oregon.

Today we’d like to share some photos I’ve hand picked, which really prove summer is better in Oregon. All of my best memories are summers in Oregon, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Source - Tinkurlab
Source – Tinkurlab
Source - Lukas Schlagenhauf
Source – Lukas Schlagenhauf


Source – BLM
Source - Baker County Tourism
Source – Baker County Tourism
Source – BLM


Source – Bo Nielsen


Source – gcmenezes


Thomas Shahan
Source – Thomas Shahan
Source – Francisco Javier Perez
Source – Thomas Shahan


Source – Geotripper


Source - Markus Spiering
Source – Markus Spiering


Source - Ian Sane
Source – Ian Sane


Source - Ryan Roy
Source – Ryan Roy
Source – Nicholas D
Source - Eli Duke
Source – Eli Duke
Source – Tinkurlab
Source – Tom Davidson


Source – Keith Ewing
Source - BLM
Source – BLM
Source - Nathan LaClair
Source – Nathan LaClair
Source - Miguel Tejada-Flores
Source – Miguel Tejada-Flores
Source - Darrell Wyatt
Source – Darrell Wyatt


Source - Jonathan Lidbeck
Source – Jonathan Lidbeck
Source – Rachel Samanyi
Source - BLM
Source – BLM
Source - Irmiller
Source – Irmiller


Source – Baker County Tourism
oregon coast
Source – TMimages PDX
newport oregon
Source – Ben Grewell
Source - Lily Monster
Source – Lily Monster
Source – Zach Dischner
Source - Thomas Shahan
Source – Thomas Shahan 
Source - Parker Knight
Source – Parker Knight
Source - Michael B
Source – Michael B 


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