Former marine demonstrates open carry downtown Eugene


Some people don’t even know it, but Oregon is indeed an open carry state. In an open carry state such as ours, there’s always going to be that guy grabbing everyone’s attention, who wants to exercise his rights and prove a point.

That guy here is Colonel Ian Houston (aka Hoss) with nearly 100,000 subscribers, in which he:

Posts videos on guns, gear, and anything to do with those subjects from a completely bias point of view… mine.

Hoss is a Kentucky Colonel and a formerly active United Sates Marine Lance Corpal. You can read more about his background on his about page.

Colonel mentions in the video someone didn’t believe that he openly carries a firearm everyday, so he felt inclined to make this video while demonstrating how the Eugene police would react. This video was shot back in 2011, and to this day people are still commenting on the video that now has over 1,000,000 views. Which of course is not surprising, considering firearms and our right to bare arms as Americans is and will be a hot topic for years to come.


I see the point he’s making. I get the whole hey I didn’t break any law, so why should I have to show identification? On the same note, you can’t expect to walk around with a gun downtown without an officer to want to know who you are and what the hell you are doing, when everyday citizens are frantically calling 911.

But of course, that’s obviously what he wanted.

Thoughts? Check out his blog which still gets updated occasionly at

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