11 Creepy Altered Vintage Photos From a Portland Photographer

A Portland, Oregon photographer by the name of Colin Batty has painted on top of a hundred vintage photos, creating awesome and creepy images. The resulting exhibition, called “Meet The Family,” featured the re-imagining of some of the most outlandishly clever images from the past.

I’ve never seen anything quite like this, and these photos are definitely awesome.


Our little sisterdesktop-1421681728 (1)



Insane in the membranedesktop-1421681728


Blazin’ groom desktop-1421681729


Blobby McGeedesktop-1421681730

Centipatty desktop-1421681731 (1)

Mr. Brundle  desktop-1421681731

Sistersdesktop-1421681733 (1)

Ventriloquistically yours desktop-1421681733

My lizard twin desktop-1421681734

Boys will be boys desktop-1421681735

The man of steel desktop-1421681736


(via Bored Panda)

Who knew the past could be so interesting, or that people who thought it wasn’t ok to smile in photos could come off as this creepy? Well, now we know.

You can find more of Colin Batty’s work on his website.

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