Hippies Are Taking Over Oregon

Hippies are taking over Oregon.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I don’t know.  If it’s a good thing, then we’ve got exciting news for you!  Oregon has two cities listed amongst the best 17 hippie cities in the USA!  Even better than that, one of our cities is ranked the #1 hippie city in the United States.

Hippies Dont Die They Move To Oregon That Oregon Life Hippy Hippi Hippie

Estately Blog gave us a rundown of the best hippie cities to live in, and our very own Eugene Oregon ranked #1 with Portland coming in at #5.  I’m kind of surprised Ashland Oregon didn’t make the list.  Anyone who has lived there or visited Ashland knows what I’m talking about.

So what makes you a real Oregon hippie?

How about using solar panels to provide electricity your house?  Growing your own organic non-GMO foods?  Only shopping for food at farmers markets?  Living in a tiny house or van?  Participating in Portland’s world famous naked bike ride?  Maybe you recycle and upcycle everything, raise alpacas or llamas, eat only farm fresh eggs, are a vegan or vegetarian, wear a lot of tie die, hug trees, pick up litter when you see it and carry it two miles to the nearest trash can, wear a lot of vintage clothes, avoid fluoridated water, do yoga, avoid methl- and propl-parabens… well, maybe there’s a little bit of hippie in all of us.  We are Oregonians after all.

Are you a hippie or do you live with one?  Let us know in a comment what’s that like.

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