Those fast food workers trading burgers for dabs? Yeah they got fired.

Last updated on February 21st, 2017 at 08:31 am


We posted a hilarious video recently of two employees who were exchanging dabs for burgers at a fast food join in Tacoma, Washington.

Little did I know, Jonah Tacoma(a known marijuana advocate) has a shop opening soon in Portland. He had his buddy film the smoke session as they rolled through the drive-through at Frugals on Pacific Avenue in April.

“We were going through the drive-through and when we were done ordering, I offered to pay with a dab instead of cash,” said Tacoma. For those who don’t know what a dab is, it’s what all the kids are doing now. Dabs, also known as shatter, definitely pack a punch as it is a more concentrated form of weed.

The video was posted to Youtube, getting laughs everywhere:

Andddd as you can imagine when their employer seen the video posted on May 11 they were shit canned. According to Tacoma the employees weren’t sure if they were going to post it, and had him sit on it for a week before posting it.


Full news story at KVAL News:


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