New Bill Would Allow Oregon Drivers to Pump Their Own Gas

People in Oregon aren’t allowed to pump their own gas. This is what it looks like when they attempt pumping their own gas.




Since 1951 Oregonians have relied on someone else to gas our cars, which can sometimes be extremely frustrating when you have lines backed up forever and 2 poor gas attendants running around like crazy people trying to take care of everyone.

Under a new bill passed unanimously by the House this week, that may change for rural roads in Oregon. According to KEZI, in remote sections of Oregon gas stations will have the option to allow customers to pump their own gas – when no owner, operator or employee is around.

The law is expected to be limited to counties where there are less than 40,000 residents, and the bill is now headed to the Senate. Personally, I’m totally for it. Did you know Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states that don’t offer self-service gasoline? It’s funny talking to someone from out of state. They can’t believe the long lines we have, which are damn near non existent in other states.

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