Man Threatens To Have Gas Station Clerk Arrested For Bank Holding His Money

If you’ve ever worked at a gas station in Oregon, you will surely understand things can get pretty bizarre sometimes. Years ago, while I was smoking a lot of weed working graveyard at a gas station, I can remember Californians actually getting pissed off when I’d pump their gas. A lot of them obviously didn’t understand in Oregon you can’t pump your own gas. The funniest part was some of them would actually tip me. Here is a funny story I came across on Reddit today that happened to a gas station manager in Oregon:


I work at a gas station in Oregon as an assistant manager. I was clocked out and getting my things together to go home after a long day when a man comes in and makes a beeline right to me.

“Are you the manager?” I could tell right away I was going to be here a while.

I told him I was the assistant manager and asked if there was something I could assist him with. And he immediately goes off.

“I just want to let you know what you people do is criminal. You are a criminal and I will have you arrested!”



I turn to the cashier who is just as confused at me and I turn back to the man and ask if he could explain the problem to me so I could assist him in fixing it.

After a few rounds of him calling me a criminal and me asking what we had done the last time he did this he came up to me and pushed me back, I tell him to keep his hands off me and to explain the problem or I will be the one to call the police, he finally explains the situation. He came in to get gas yesterday, or maybe the day before he can’t remember. He got a fill, his car only took $40.00 or maybe $50.00 he can’t remember. He can’t remember who helped him or what time he came in. But, he has a receipt… Which he can’t find.

Not looking good. He says he got gas and selected to fill it up on a card at the pump, the pump automatically sets aside 75 dollars in your account for the fuel sale, it stops automatically when it hits $75 and if it doesn’t take it all it will release the rest of the $75 that the car doesn’t take. Say you set it for a fill, the pump needs to know you have money in the account before it just lets you pump away, so it holds the 75 until the bank processes the transaction anywhere from a few hours to a business day or two at the most.

We have signs and let customers know about the hold, if they don’t want a hold on the card they can fill and then pay inside so it only charges what they got, or outside they can set the pump to a lower amount such as 20 or 30 bucks and it will only take that amount. I explain this to the man and he demands I release his money to him. I explain several times in different ways that the bank has to process the transaction and there is literally nothing I can do to speed up the process. He wants me to call the bank and tell them to release the mans funds.

I call the bank to humor him and let him hear from them it will take time. His bank is closed, he tells me to call my manager at home and corporate office which I also do because if I don’t he will call the police. At this point I don’t care if the police come because they will tell him the same thing but I have been off the clock for 20 minutes now and if the police come im looking at another half hour at work for free.

Finally he starts to understand and then out of nowhere he reverts back to his angry state and yells at me and says this is the fourth time this has happened and that the last time was Christmas Eve and because of me personally hoarding his money he was unable to buy his father a Christmas present. At this point I just chuckle and he demands to know what I find funny about this situation.

I reply “I just find it funny that this is the fourth time you have done this and still haven’t learned your lesson.”



He doesn’t like that. I work for a smaller company, my boss really likes me and I know all the bosses above me up to the owner, they have given just about free reign to us to say whatever we want to rude customers without fearing being fired if we get reported. It takes about a year or two before they let you know you have “tenure”

He threatens to call my manager, I tell him please call my manager, because when I tell him this he won’t believe how stupid you are unless he hears it from you himself.



At that point he is pretty upset and exclaims he is never coming back again.

Oh well.

H/T Reddit

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