Portland Family Tries To Live Debt Free – Home Sinks

Portland couple Jane and Tony and their five year old daughter decided they’d had enough of debt and wanted something more from life so they decided to move onto a boat in a Portland harbor.  Initially they thought about buying a small house or even building a tiny home but decided in the end that it was cheaper and easier to buy a boat.  Check out all the space they have!  The best part is that they own their 43-foot boat outright having only paid $14,000, and they say it’s like a vacation every day because of where they get to live.  Watch the video to hear their story:

Incredibly, a month after this film their boat split a seam and sank though thankfully no one was injured.

“Thank God none of us were hurt, but it did put us in the scary position of being homeless. If anyone wants to help us get back on our feet, contact us at unicorntree (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you for your assistance,” said Jane one of the boat owners.

So fellow Oregonians, there are two lessons to be learned here:
1) You can live debt free and you can do it on a boat in a beautiful area of your city.
2) Be sure to buy a seaworthy vessel and do the upkeep or you could lose everything.

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