This House In Southern Oregon Went Missing ‘We had a complete home stolen’ (Seriously)

This is a photo of the vanishing home (Photo: KOBI)




Yes, you read that right… A home is missing. We’re not talking about a motor home, or a mobile home. It’s a home on a foundation, and it’s vanished.

Still scratching my head over this one. The sherriff’s deputies in Klamath truly have one of the strangest mysteries on their hands. I can’t help to wonder, were some crazed tweakers behind this one? No, they couldn’t be smart enough to take a whole home.

According to the story at KOBI-TV(where you can watch the video news clip), this 1,200-square-foot home from the Sprague River area went missing a couple days ago, on Tuesday, February 24th.

If you find the missing home, please call the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office.

via KGW

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