This Epic Video Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job, And Live The Dream In A Van

The video I am sharing is the very definition of living the dream: A man and his woman, and a van… Roaming the west coast with no particular destination. Like the writer at BroBible says, this is the life many of us dream of. If only it wasn’t for the whole 9 to 5 life, paying bills and rent… And all that other bullshit that keeps us from doing everything we really want to do.

Between tree houses, van-homes, wilderness exploration and road-tripping, the following video from filmmaker/pro surfer Cyrus Sutton, perfectly captures the spirit of this movement, resulting in the overwhelming urge to pack your bags and hit the road for good. And note the ridiculous treehouse/skate park compound that his buddy Foster Huntington is building in the Pacific Northwest. It’s called “The Cindercone“


(h/t BroBible)

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