Bob’s Hamburgers are back! Opening this Friday in Salem

Last updated on February 21st, 2017 at 08:34 am

Bob’s Hamburgers, a regional fast-food chain, has gained a massive cult following in the years since it closed in 2001. Image courtesy of OPB

Are you dreaming of 19 cent hamburgers from Bob’s? If so, your dreams are coming true. For anyone who misses those bags of cheap burgers with that oh-so-yummy special sauce, you’ll be happy to know Bob’s Hamburgers is making a comeback.

While the burgers most likely won’t be 19 cents, Bob’s will be selling combos — complete with the chain’s secret sauce.

As you may know, Bob’s made a special appearance at the Marion County and Oregon State Fairs this summer. Recently, The Statesman Journal confirmed they are indeed reopening. Bob’s is expected to open this Friday, Oct. 10, at the Salem Center Mall in the food court — open 7 days a week.

Gina Dankenbring, prior manager for Bob’s Hamburgers and owner of Golden Grill Consessions, announced the reopening in a Facebook post. Dankenbring said while the menu, prices and hours of operation have yet to be determined, the Salem Center location will be open all week throughout the holidays.

Oh the memories, I know I’ll personally be making a special trip to Salem soon.

Mischievous pranksters messing with the Bob’s sign, image courtesy of Allen Wright‎

via: Statesman Journal