“Back O’er Oregon” Music Video (Shot in 185 State Parks)

This is one of the coolest ideas ever, brought to you by The Weather Machine. Obviously this took a lot of work to shoot at 185 beautiful state parks in Oregon. Enjoy!





Below are all 185 Oregon State Parks in order of appearance.

Portland, OR 0:01*

Government Island State Park 0:17

Hat Rock State Park 0:19

Battle Mountain Scenic Corridor 0:21

Benson State Recreation Area 0:23

McVay Rock State Park 0:27

Minam State Recreation Area 0:29

Agate Beach State Recreation Area 0:30

Driftwood Beach State Recreation Area 0:32

Memaloose State Park 0:33

Crissey Fields State Recreation Area 0:34

Rooster Rock State Park 0:36

Heritage Landing (Deschutes) 0:38

W.B. Nelson Recreation Site 0:40

Smelt Sands State Recreation Area 0:41

Pete French Round Barn State Heritage Site 0:42

White River Falls State Park 0:43

Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area 0:46

Ochoco State Scenic Viewpoint 0:48

Fall Creek State Recreation Area 0:49

Hoffman Memorial State Wayside 0:50

Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint 0:51

Arizona State Recreation Area 0:53

Lowell State Recreation Area 0:54

Touvelle State Recreation Area 0:55

Clyde Holliday State Recreation Area 0:56

Ellmaker State Wayside 0:57

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park 0:58

Whale Watching Center 0:58

Deschutes River State Recreation Area 1:00

Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area 1:01

Humbug Mountain State Park 1:01

Fort Yamhill State Heritage Site 1:02

Lost Creek State Recreation Site 1:04

* Historic Columbia River Highway (Tooth Rock Trailhead) 1:05

Kum Wah Chung State Heritage Site 1:05

Sonefield Beach State Recreation Site 1:06

Vista House/Crown Point State Scenic Corridor 1:07

Neskowin Beach State Recreation Area 1:08

Pistol River State Scenic Corridor 1:09

Umpqua Wayside (Umpqua State Scenic Corridor) 1:09

Cape Lookout State Park 1:10

Milo McIver State Park 1:10

Nehalem Bay State Park 1:11

Alesea Bay Bridge Historic Interpretive Center 1:13

William M. Tugman State Park 1:14

Detroit Lake State Recreation Area 1:14

Beaver Creek State Recreation Area 1:15

Prineville Reservoir State Park 1:16

Bradley State Park 1:18

Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area 1:23

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area 1:24

Muriel O. Ponsler State Scenic Viewpoint 1:24

Harris Beach State Recreation Site 1:25

Casey State Recreation Area 1:25

Oceanside Beach State Recreation Area 1:26

Bob Creek Wayside 1:30

Smith Rock State Park Chandler State Wayside 1:32

* Chandler State Park 1:34

Erratic Rock State Natural Site 1:37

Owahee Lake State Park 1:39

Mayer State Park 1:40

Portland Women’s Forum State Recreation Site 1:42

Silver Fall State Park 1:44

Tyron Sreek State Natural Area 1:46

Paradise Point State Recreation Area 1:49

Dexter State Recreation Area 1:50

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Area 1:51

Bolon Island Tideways State Scenic Corridor 1:53

Hug Point State Recreation Site 1:55

Angle’s Rest Trailhead (part of Bridal Veil) 2:00

Golden & Silver Falls State Natural Area 2:02

Joseph H. Stewart Recreation Area 2:05

Ecola State Park 2:08

Collier Memorial State Park 2:09

Koberg Beach State Recreation Area 2:10

Booth State Scenic Corridor 2:11

Goose Lake State Recreation Area 2:12

Manhattan Beach State Recreation Area 2:12

Dyer State Wayside 2:13

Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint 2:14

Cottonwood Canyon State Park 2:15

Port Orford Head State Park 2:16

Detroit Lake Campground 2:16

Valley Of he Rouge State Recreation Site 2:17

Ainsworth State Park 2:18

Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint 2:19

Strawberry Hill Wayside 2:19

Wallowa River Wayside (Wallowa Lake Highway Forest State Scenic Corridor) 2:20

Otter Pint State Recreation Site 2:21

LaPine State Park Bullard’s Beach State Park 2:22

*Bullards Beach State Park 2:22

Bandon Wayside (Bandon State Natural Area) 2:23

Washburn State Wayside 2:24

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park 2:24

Sunset Bay State Park 2:25

Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site 2:25

Bandon State Natural Area (Devil’s Kitchen) 2:26

Geisel Monument State Heritage Site 2:28

– Terisadun State Recreation Site 2:30 (Tseriadun State Recreation Site)

Winchuck State recreation Site 2:32

Conde B McCullough State Recreation Site 2:35

Oswald West State Park 2:36

Fort Stevens Beach State Recreation Area 2:40

Bonnie Lure State Recreation Area 2:42

Bates State Park 2:45

Frenchglen State Heritage Site 2:46

Alfred A. Loeb State Park 2:47

Tub Springs State Wayside 2:48

Saddle Mountain State Recreation Site 2:49

Beachside State Recreation Site 2:52

Mary S. Young State Recreation Area 2:53

Viento State Park State Park 2:54

Ona Beach State Park 2:55

The Cove Palisades State Park 2:56

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area 2:58

Golden Townsite State Heritage Area 3:01

Red Bridge State Wayside 3:03

Cape Argo State Park 3:04

Hecta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint 3:05

Banks-Vernonia State Trail 3:06

Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint 3:06

Coquille Myrtle Grove State Natural Site 3:07

Glenden Beach State Park 3:07

Starvation Creek State Park 3:09

Succor Creek State Natural Area 3:10

Coaka Landing State Park 3:11

Maud Williamson State Recreation Site 3:12

Arcadia State Recreation Site 3:13

Ophir State Recreation Site 3:14

Mitchell Point State Park 3:15

Alderwood State Wayside 3:16

Cape Blanco State Park 3:17

Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint 3:17

Lewis & Clark State Recreation Site 3:18

Beverly Beach State Park 3:19

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Site 3:20

Ukiah-Dale Forest State Scenic Corridor 3:21

Willamette Stone State Heritage Site 3:21

Latourell Falls / Guy W. Talbot State Park 3:22

Bob Straub State Park 3:24

Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint 3:26

Cascadia State Park 3:28

North Santiam State Recreation Area 3:30

Illinois River Forks State Park 3:32

Tokatee Klootchman Wayside 3:33

Champoeg State Heritage Site 3:36

Bridal Veil State Scenic Viewpoint 3:38

Elija Bristow State Park 3:40

Ontario State Recreation Site 3:41

Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint 3:43

Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site 3:44

Unity Lake State Recreation Area 3:47

Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site 3:50

Molalla River State Park 3:51

Munson Creek Falls State Natural Area 3:52

State Capitol State Park 3:54

Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site 3:57

Fountain Wayside 3:59

OC & E Woods Line Trail State Park 4:00

Del Ray Beach State Recreation Site 4:02

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park 4:04

Catherine Creek State Park 4:06

Clay Meyers Natural Area 4:07

Peter Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint 4:08

Willamette Mission State Park 4:11

Lake Yachts State Recreation Area 4:12

Darlingtonia State Natural Site 4:13

Outside Succor Creek 4:14*

Tolovana Beach Recreation Site 4:15

Seal Rock Recreation Site 4:16

Floras Lake State Natural Area 4:17

Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint 4:18

Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site 4:20

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint 4:22

Warm Springs State Recreation Area 4:24

Jasper State Recreation Area 4:25

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor 4:26

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint 4:26

Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area 4:29

Carl C. Washburn Memorial State Park 4:31

Fort Rock State Natural Area 4:32

Dabney State Recreation Area 4:33

Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor 4:34

South Beach State Park (South Jetty) 4:36

Sarah Helmick State Recreation Area 4:38

Portland, OR 4:40*

*not state parks… but we kept them anyway.

[via The Weather Machine]

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