In-N-Out Burger to Open 2nd Oregon Location Friday

I don’t know how people get so excited about cheeseburgers, but I’ve probably never seen more hype around a burger joint than In-N-Out.

In-N-Out is slated to open it’s doors Friday in Grants Pass, making that the second location since their first Oregon location in Medford two years ago. People were literally camping out on sidewalks and waiting for hours just to get a taste.

ODOT traffic survey estimates the Grants Pass joint will generate more than 2,100 trips per day, so you can imagine just how insane the traffic is going to be on nearby Interstate 5.

Gary Leaming who is the spokesman for ODOT has reported to the Daily Courier that “In-N-Out is handling the traffic control plan”. The burger joint’s vice president of operations, Denny Warnick, has said the company is well ready for the new opening.

How about you? Do you care enough to drive to Grants Pass for an In-N-Out burger?

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Guest Author

  • Michael Rollins

    Ah, no. That’s because I’m currently living in Costa Mesa, CA. 🙂 There’s one about two miles from me and I don’t go there either. OK, but nothing to write home to Mom & Dad about.

  • Rich Knudsen

    If you notice they are steering Clear of Portland and all cities north of Salem as the taxes are brutal for a business of any kind there.

    • Snoopy and The Red Baron

      Yeah, that might be true, but they’re also just going upwards from California… which makes more sense practically speaking.

    • Mike May

      They’re not steering clear for any such reason. They expand slowly outward from California, and since they don’t franchise, don’t freeze anything, and use their own meat supply and processing facility, their locations must be close enough to reach quickly by their refrigerated trucks. When they expanded into Texas they needed to create a whole new processing facility there, because it couldn’t be reached from their home base in California.