Dutch Bros. Invests Over $5+ Million in Oregon Hometown & Fights ALS

Dutch Bros Coffee Invests in Oregon - Drink One For Dane
Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros. is an Oregon-grown franchise with over 280 locations in 7 states, and they’re investing millions in their new headquarters right here in Oregon. Although it’s easy to love Dutch Bros., it’s what you don’t see that will make your heart melt.

For the Love of Coffee
Oregonians love coffee, and they also love Dutch Bros. What started in 1992 as just a push cart in Grants Pass has grown into over $350 million in annual sales across seven states. Dutch Bros. CEO and co-founder Travis Boersma says that his hardest fight was helping his brother Dane fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which eventually caused Dane’s death. “That was the greatest challenge that I’ve been through as a man, and it’s really had an impact on our business as a whole,” says Boersma. “It puts the focus back on [how] we’re here for a short time we don’t get to pick when we go or how. We don’t know what the future holds but we have right now.” Each year, the company holds a Drink One for Dane event in May in which all Dutch Bros. locations donate proceeds to organizations working to find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as ALS.

For the Love of Community and Culture
Known for their positive, customer-friendly company culture and contributions to community charities, Dutch Bros. continues its legacy of community development by spending $2.8 million on a shopping center in downtown Grants Pass as well as $2.3 million on the Washington Federal bank building this year. With these purchases, the company hopes to revitalize the center of their hometown. The bank building will become the company’s new headquarters, relocating 150 employees from their current headquarters on the edge of the city. The shopping center is primed to become a visitors’ center complete with exhibits showing the company’s history in a wacky “Willy Wonka style.” The company has already built an indoor soccer field for kids and adults alike to play futsal.

For the Love of Their Employees
While 150 employees at the current headquarters will get shiny new digs in the planned new offices downtown, Dutch Bros. has long been known as a business that takes care of its employees. The upbeat culture is so important to Dutch Bros. that all franchisees are required to work in one of their coffee shops for three years before owning a franchise. Only a relatively low investment is required before a franchise can be purchased. This policy works double duty in maintaining company culture and in encouraging upward mobility for baristas who generally work lower-paying jobs.


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