17 Things You NEED To Know About Oregon Women


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    Oregon women… You gotta love em. And how could you not? In light of International Women’s Day of 2017, we thought we’d highlight some of the many wonderful traits that make Oregon women so amazing.

    1. We know how to picnic!


    2. We always dress appropriately and we are not afraid to wear shorts and flip flops in the snow.

    3. We take dronies, not selfies.

    Oregon Woman Selfie

    4. We’ll take adventure over Netflix. In Oregon, it’s Snowboard and chill…

    5. We’re not afraid to live life on the edge.

    6. Oregon ladies can make anything out of everything and are not afraid of power tools! We take DIY to a new level.




    7. We have passed through the canyon of adversity, waded through hardships, and we have overcome the logjams of life to unlock our true potential around the corner.

    8. We’re not afraid to sweat.


    9. Oregon ladies know how to eat!



    10. We love all types of animals, even the not-so-cute ones.

    Oregon Lady with Rooster

    11. Every woman from Oregon is a total catch, and we know it.

    Oregon Women Fishing

    12. We’re not scared of Sasquatch. He’s scared of us.

    Keep Oregon Weird Women

    13. We build stronger communities by making a difference one person at a time as seen here at Oregon Active Adventure Ranch #EdgarStrong

    Christine Shelton - Oregonian - Adventure Therapy Ranch - Oregon Active - Edgar Strong

    14. We look at things differently

    Oregon Coast Yoga

    15. We are welcoming and open to anyone who wants to join our beautiful Oregon community and work hard to leave it better for the next generation.

    Statue of Liberty Model in Oregon


    16. We are fierce and passionate. And when we want to yell, dammit, we yell.

    Fierce Oregon Woman Yelling


    17. Finally, Oregon ladies grind all day everyday.

    Lady Grinding Coffee
    Images courtesy of:
    Megan Benedict, owner of Fit Kitchen Direct
    Rhianna Lakin, That Oregon Life Ambassador.
    Daniel Bliss, owner of Bliss Nut Butters
    Christine Shelton, owner of This Fine Day
    Lisa Halcom, owner of Happyrock Coffee.
    Lauren Leslie, That Oregon Life Ambassador and Creative Director at Total Market Exposure


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