Snow hurting local Oregon meth head businesses that bank on winter

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Tweaker towns everywhere in Oregon — It’s the second snowstorm to pound Oregon, and business has come to a crawl for local meth heads.

The snow and ice is making it virtually impossible for meth heads to break into vehicles, let alone trying to escape in dangerous slippery conditions. Not only is transportation a problem, frozen doors have also prevented meth heads from getting into vehicles… Even after getting past the locks. The meth head business could be looking at serious trouble this winter across the state of Oregon.

Two meth head business owners in Eugene say they aren’t sure what they will do; with less stolen goods on stock and fewer customers walking through the doors, they can barely keep their prepaid Cricket cell phone bills paid.

“Not only do we depend on stolen cars and stolen goods to keep the meth business healthy and in good standings, but we also depend on local drug dealers to deliver us our chunky white crunch. If the locally grown, organic chunky white crunch isn’t being delivered, well our communities simply suffer from lack of meth. Tweakers on mountain bikes are even struggling to deliver us our meth, as they can’t ride their bikes on ice. Unfortunately, as a result of the cold weather, we can’t ruin people’s lives as usual.” said local Eugene tweaker.

Both meth head business owners advise people to go ahead and relax a bit more than usual, suggesting Oregonians can help bring back the usual bs if they just let up on their security a bit. “There are still hard working tweakers on the streets who are doing their best to keep this honest business strong. At this point, we can only hope summer will be really methed up for Oregon.”

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