Why do so many Oregonians hate Californians? Here’s why


About a year ago a thread on Reddit got a lot of interesting answers, to the simple question…

Why do so many Oregonians hate Californians? 

It’s a loaded question, and as expected I’m sure a ton of Oregonians on this blog post alone will be adding their two cents. Are you an Oregonian who hates Californians? Everything from California drivers to Californians hiking up real estate in Oregon is dropped in these responses. Let us know in the comments what you think!

    1. Seeing house prices jump from $50,000 for a two bedroom up to $450,000 over 10 years is a pretty good reason to. Seeing families priced out of the towns they grew up in is a good reason. Seeing schools closed down because Californians wanted to turn a chunk of Oregon into a retirement community hostile to schools and youth in general is a pretty good reason. Californian investments that exclusively pay minimum wage is another one.

2. Here in Tillamook County we recently passed a county bond to repair our horrendously maintained road system. It took 3 consecutive voting terms to get it passed and a great deal had to do with California property owners lobbying against it simply because they were being asked to pay a little bit more (based on the assessed value of the residential property).

Our roads were/are statistically the worst in the State. We had our fire chief, police chief and EMT director, ALL elected county officials write our local papers and plead to pass it (they were bending wheel rims on calls). Eventually it did but not after 3 tries and a lot of letters to the editor from Californian land/vacation home owners.

On a superficial level I can completely agree with the perception that California’s snowbirds have a great deal to do with the vitriol. Then again, California is not that bad, not Oregon, but I’ve had some fantastic times in that state.

The driving thing is absolutely correct though, you guys need to stop and think why you’re in such a hurry and whether or not it’s worth it.

3. Your state is intensely dysfunctional because of the policies you support. You move here to escape the results of voting that way, then vote for the same policies in Oregon, gradually making it more like California.

4. It’s the way they drive.


5. Everyone here brings up good points. But I’d like to add on something specific about driving…

Californian drivers, for some reason, tend to go too slow when passing isn’t possible (2-lane road), but as soon as there’s a passing lane, they’ll speed up to a crazy unsafe speed, preventing you from passing them before the road re-narrows, at which point they proceed to slow back down.

6. This question isn’t really set up well to be answered in a fair way for anyone. You’re assuming everyone from the entire state hates everyone from a different state, AND that everyone from both states is exactly the same.

That being said: I am more afraid than anything of what will happen to Oregon. I grew up here, and this state is where I have always been the most comfortable. I think it is going to be where a lot of California residents move to as the state of California starts to become uninhabitable. People will come here, and there are only so many resources. We’re not doing so great here either climate wise. I feel like I’m being displaced by refugees because they destroyed their own land, but I’m not capable of stopping them because they have more money than I do.

7. It isn’t even so much California as much as it is the whole attitude and culture of Southern California. I think Northern California is fine.

8. As a Californian who lived in Oregon for a few years as a kid, I appreciate this post. I mean, everyone everywhere sucks, but Californians can be a certain kind of dick.

9. I had the misfortune of being born in California. We moved to Oregon when I was 4, so I consider myself an Oregonian. I think a lot of the hate comes from the lifestyle differences. Oregonians want to be close to nature, eco-friendly and to live peacefully. Californians are kind of the opposite, generally speaking. They want more, take more and don’t give two shits about their carbon footprint. Many people only care about their own tight circle of friends/family, whereas Oregonians are usually the good samaritan helping you out.

 10. They move here for a whole variety of reasons and never stop bitching about the things that make it not California. If Californians living in Oregon would stop griping about Oregon being different from California we probably wouldn’t mind them so much.

11. Born in Canada, graduated high school in SoCal, lived in Hawaii for 40 years, moved to Portland for my absolute love for this place.

My mom and much of my family live in SoCal and I’ve gone down to help mom during her recovery and it is such a relief to come back here.

The drivers there are vicious, hateful and they definitely carry that with them. I think it really is a perceived reality that the gentrification in large part is caused by Californians, when really, it’s people moving here because it’s an awesome spot and many of them are from California.

Which is funny, because many of the people I have met here WERE from California, years ago, have more than assimilated and more often than not express the most anger and bitterness about people from California moving here.

When I moved to HI in the 70’s, it was the same thing. Locals pissed that Californians were coming in, taking their women (LOL) and all the same vicious bullshit that is being thrown around now about immigrants and non locals.

I thought moving here would finally be the end of it. I just want to live in peace and enjoy the PNW and all it has to offer.

12. It’s a tribal thing. It’s very popular to hate Californians. Even in Montana and Washington. But try replacing the noun “Californians” with “blacks” and see if the logic is still there:

Oregonian: “Those damn blacks (Californians) keep moving into this state. They’re ruining this state!”

Oregonian: “Blacks (Californians) just bought the house next door! This city is going to shit.

Oregon real estate agent:”Blacks (Californians) live around there. Let me show you a different area to look for homes”.

You see? It’s nothing different than blind nationalism, blind faith, racism. If Oregon was fucked like California, and Oregonians started moving to sunny CA, I would be willing to bet the same thing would happen. Because some people can’t think for themselves.

BTW I live in CA but also have property AND family in KFalls and consider it my second home.

13. Oregonians don’t like Californians for a few reasons. Some small part of it is definitely as /u/aquareon said, but I’d say it’s a small part as in my experience the large part of Californians that move here are too oblivious of the political process to be active in it in Oregon.

The main reasons I’ve seen and experienced (having been born and raised here) is manifold:

  • They can’t drive in the rain
  • Californians move up here and all say they came for “the lifestyle” or the “pace of life” or what ever epithet is en vogue to describe the more laid back PNW pace and then complain about every aspect of it:
  • the food isn’t as good as in CA
  • the shopping isn’t as good as in CA
  • the weather isn’t as good as in CA
  • the nightlife isn’t as good as in CA
  • everyone is weird here compared to CA

And so on. The litany of complaints is endless. I knew someone in college that complained about that the Starbuck’s here weren’t as good as in CA. It gets exhausting. If you hate it so much, why are you here?

There are the other problems that are less obvious. Yes, they’re less community-minded. They are visibly more consumerist and significantly more wasteful.

All that being said, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” We don’t notice the countless Californians (and others- in my experience, TEXANS ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST, followed by Montanans) that move here and have no problems and get along just fine. Oregonians “hate” Californians only in so far as we hate the ones that come and act out noisily. It’s just like the Chinese tourists getting a bad rap for shitting outside French museums and opening plane doors- the vast majority don’t act that way, but a few bad apples spoils the bunch. I personally don’t mind Californians moving here because this state badly needs to drive job creation and a growing population will help do that.

14. In my experience. Californians are selfish assholes. But, I don’t pre-judge people, so don’t be an asshole and no one will know.

15. Never met a Californian emigrant that didn’t want to go on for hours about how much better California is, no matter where they moved to.

16. Because lots of Californians move here to use Oregon as a bedroom state for California. They move here and intend to turn it into more California for them to do with as they see fit without paying California taxes. They bring their metropolitan attitudes to non-metropolitan areas and expect everything to be the same as it was back in California.

It’s not so much all Californians as Californian developers.

17. Those Hollywood types are the worst though. They think that Oregon is just a quaint bum fuck state where they can look down on people from the local film industry – good luck with no water! Then they decide to move here with their Starbucks lattes and try to turn it into SoCal.

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